Challenge Projects

The Challenge projects will provide a menu of project options based around key environmental and humanitarian themes. They will utilise new features of the Zooniverse platform, including self-build project tools. These projects may be smaller scale & experimental in nature compared with the core projects, & may utilise a mix of data types and citizen science techniques. They will not require a formal research group at the outset, but could scale up later on.

Biodiversity & Wildlife Challenge

Humanitarian Challenge

Open Environment Challenge

Working with WWF and other partners, we will make use of multiple datasets from Earth observation imagery to assist with key conservation and habitat monitoring challenges. Potential topics may include poaching, deforestation and mangroves.


In addition to pattern recognition from satellite images, this Challenge may also utilise GPS information, smart phone acquired data and crowd-sourced maps.

This Challenge will aim to complement the work undertaken through the Disaster Relief core project, by focusing on other aspects of the humanitarian and post-disaster arenas.


Working with key NGOs and experts in humanitarian disaster monitoring, this project will involve using Earth observation data and crowd-sourced maps to monitor movements of displaced people and tag changes in the environment after major disasters.

In this Challenge, we will slightly turn the process on its head. Through special arrangements with leading satellite data providers, we will aim to make substantial datasets of Earth observation imagery available from defined short timeframes. We will then set out a series of questions or 'guide topics' relating to key environmental issues (such as water management and forest fires) & hand over to the citizen science community to define their own 'mini-projects' using the data.