Coming Soon

We are planning to begin launching the various demonstration projects for public participation towards the end of 2015. As we move nearer that time, we will be adding additional information to this website about how to take part, the partners and data providers involved, and the goals of each of the project strands. We will also add information and downloadable resources for students and educators.  Overall, this new information will include:

  • Partners - including the citizen science networks, NGOs, scientific institutions & humanitarian networks with whom we will define and run the projects
  • Data sources - details of the satellite data providers and datasets  to be utilised in each project
  • Educational resources - including downloadable lesson ideas, curriculum links and additional materials
  • Teacher guidance notes - to support teachers in embedding citizen science activity into teaching and learning
  • Project builder platform - access to and guidance on the new tools from Zooniverse to enable groups to set-up their own 'mini-projects'
  • Tips and tools - general information and links on citizen science and crowd-sourcing