Technical Developments

The Crowd4Sat projects involved technical updates to the Zooniverse platform

Imperative Space has developed new workflows and architecture through the Crowd4Sat project.

Imperative Space, in conjunction with its partners, have developed new ways of ingesting EO data for citizen science and new tools for the Zooniverse platform. Zooniverse, based at the University of Oxford, is a world leader in citizen science projects.

Many of the Crowd4Sat projects utilised the Zooniverse citizen science image classification platform. This Zooniverse platform now has the capability to handle Earth observation data in a way that did not previously exist. These new features have also fed into other classification projects.

Overall, three of the main projects using the Zooniverse platform involved tens of thousands of classifiers (citizen scientists) and led to tangible, published scientific outcomes, and numerous software developments and new workflows.

It has also led to further exploration and discussion about the value of such methodologies in relation to humanitarian response amongst relevant organisations.

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